Emile Noordeloos developed his style by joining cgsociety.org several years ago, a society of digital artists (pretty mad bunch, take a look). Since then he has stepped away from sexy elves and hot fairies and implements his fantastical techniques for all kinds of illustrations. His self-created worlds hold a level of detail you can definitely get lost in. His work method involves a lot of sketching, getting it just so that it feels right for him.

The otherworldly

Emile’s work has a distinct magical quality to it – not just for it’s often fantastical themes but also because of his digital craftsmanship. It’s hard to tell the difference between his hand painted and his digital work. Obviously his studio is called Digital Paint. Above: an educational work depicting flora and fauna of the North Pole for Malmberg. Combining his love of nature and sciences and his eye for detail makes it look so incredibly real.


One of the great things about working digitally is that you can create things that don’t exist, yet. Let’s say you have the patent to a revolutionary new world conquering GPS/radar system, and you need to show your investor Dr. Claw. Well, Emile can help you out with that.

Real characters

A virtually impossible meeting becomes reality, courtesy of Emile Noordeloos; “I love science fiction, but apart from that I like the way you can just taste the atmosphere in a drawing like this. Reshaping, colouring and exaggeration are all totally allowed. The only limit is your own fantasy.”

In a 3D mooood

This goofy cartoony style is a new world Emile has been exploring. A little vacation away from his hyper realistic creations. These startled cows will be so relaxed after the flying maid gives them a milking.


Emile is really good at is making things look tasty. This whimsical pin-up turned into an i-phone case deluxe (available soon at Bodino). Emile, inspired here by the Peruvian painter Alberto Vargas, hits the spot with his naughty-but-nice fifties-glamour-styling.

Emile is represented by Art Associates Amsterdam

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